Friday, May 04, 2007

Visual DNA

Okay, I first saw this on Ken's site and was going to try it out. But I never did. And then I got "tagged" by Jason. Then I realized that my public was going to demand this of me until I gave in. Ha ha ha!

So here it is:

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  1. Hey, good man! It is interesting to see what people put.

    You mentioned putting a nice link in the comments like Chris did. Took me a while to figure it out, but I learned, and now I pass on my wisdom to you, fellow student of the Way:

    *a href=""# the text you want as a link */a href# , just that you replace the * with < and # with >

    Behold! If you don't understand my code, send me an email at jediqb at gmail dot com and I'll try to explain it better!

    (BTW, I always hit preview to make sure it works, so I don't look like a doofus - also Blogger won't take a bad code. Have fun)