Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eavesdropping With Matt (Episode fifteen)

Dedicated to the well-meaning eight-year-old girl at the Portland Zoo, who wanted my children to know the truth about the animals around them.

Z: Dad, look at the crocodiles!

A: And why are there fish in there with them?

Me: When the crocodiles get hungry they slip down there and eat some fish.

Z: Why?

Me: Crocodiles eat fish. Or, you know, pretty much anything that goes near them. Zebras, antelope, that sort of thing.

Eight-Year-Old Girl: That's not actually true, you know. Crocodiles are very gentle creatures.

Me: Is that right?

Eight-Year-Old Girl: Yes. Crocodiles will only attack if something tries to harm them. They are mostly vegetarian.

I gave that little girl my blog address and told her to look it up tonight. I wanted to be sure that she saw this picture of a crocodile eating a big bloody chunk of banana:

Aw, alright kid, stop crying. Here's what really happens:

Crocodiles just like to suck on frogs and fish for the flavor. But they would never eat them.