Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Toughen Up... Summer is Here

Today marks the official "First Day" of summer for me. I can tell when this day arrives based on two things: One, I wore shorts all day. Two, I didn't wear shoes.

Which means that it's time to start the Patented Mikalatos Toughen Up curriculuum for feet.

I hate it when I have soft, pampered feet. "Winter feet." Blech.

So it's time. Time to take those feet and walk across hot cement. Weed the yard! Step on thorns! Kick rocks!

If you do it right your feet won't feel anything within a couple of weeks. Hooray!


  1. Tougher feet? I'm thinking it's time for tougher burning hearts logo. Click on this link and let me know if it's the direction you want to go.

  2. What kind of job do you have where you can walk around barefoot all day, you hippie????

    BTW, I'm totally for that burning hearts kid in the above comment.


  3. Good grief, Chris. Is that your doing? I like it.

    Anne-- I just have three letters for you: m.p.d.

    --The Hippie

  4. Yes, it is my work. I can set your head or chest cavity on fire, too, if you'd like...

  5. You're beginning to scare me. Apparently, similar literary tastes tend to go with similar footware beliefs. Maybe one day I'll randomly meet Perer Jackson and then will have the critical mass to start a club.

    Alas, though, this year my job doesn't even let me wear shorts.