Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOST party update(s)

Well, this season's Champion LOST Predictor is our very own Angel Oh, with an astonishing 7 correct predictions about last night's episode. It's no big surprise, though. See how she is hugging that television? It is like a sister to her.

Fifteen of our regular and semi-regular LOST devotees showed up, and Angel beat out some tough competition.

But she is used to beating out competition, because she has her very own snowmobile accesories shop on the web, where she regularly beats the competition. It is true.

In other news, LOST is great. If you do not watch it, I pity you. I really do.

I would tell you all the other shows I think are great, but then you would pity me for watching that much television.

NOTE: I've placed the "predictions" quiz that Angel dominated in the comments section so you can peruse it at your leisure. We all filled out the quiz before the show came on. It was fun. There are spoilers in the quiz if you haven't started watching season three yet.