Sunday, May 06, 2007

Double your pleasure

Assuming that your pleasure involves reading my fiction.

I told you a while back that my story "The Deluge" was going to be published this July in "Coach's Midnight Diner." And that is still true.

But I got a call from Coach on Friday and he asked if they could also publish it in issue three of Relief Journal--which goes to press tomorrow--as a preview for the Diner. Of course I said yes.

So I e-mailed back and forth with Coach late into the night as we worked on getting the contract signed, writing the bio, finding a picture that really captures my features with the perfect combination of cool aloofness and pretension that serious writers must present. We finally decided on a picture of me wearing a top hat, an umbrella over one arm as I studiously read Ezra Pound's Pisan Cantos.


  1. That's pretty doggone cool man. It's encouraging to see you moving along with this. Gives hope to the rest of us hacks - keep it up.

    I don't mean to be picking on you, but I seem to have been tagged, and needed a friendly face to pass it on to. Like I said, your public needs you... :D

  2. Umm....if you're serious about the picture....then that is the coolest thing I've heard all day.