Friday, October 13, 2006


So much to discover!


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Burning Out:

    We burned the instant coffee
    stared at fanblades
    while the future failed
    like our Gristedes furniture.

    Our world was a dive
    we leaned over the edge and threw up
    we were sad, we had dandruff
    we went bald too young.

    I wish we could have met up
    you and I,
    trashy, in flight
    thin and broke
    we could have been happy and dull.

    We could have burned out right.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Clothbound Nicodemus
    Tabletop tracker
    A worldwide explosion of sapphires
    Ptomaine verses,
    Scree of DH Lawrence’s brain
    A vertical trench
    Magic whispers
    In the muse’s ear
    Eldritch cauldron seasoning
    Stewpot of rotten logs,
    And fungal growing rhyme thick as thieves
    After a long forest rain


  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    The Flock

    There they sat, flat on silent feet,
    unwittingly pastoral, stupidly sheep.
    And as I approached,
    not a fleece was flustered,
    only grass stubble chewed—
    what bland entertainment
    that must make.
    I settled along on shameless strides,
    slow and even,as proscribed-
    ‘til a tingling-harsh collision thumped the back of my right side—
    and a step I skipped,
    smacked by a woolly thing
    that could have been a sock,
    or a soft, hollow mitten,
    had it not been for the head,
    the brain behind those glaring eyes.

    I knew my fear,
    I held it out before me
    like a vest my mother had worn in battle,
    but would not put it on—
    ‘til he struck again,
    left cheek this time,
    and I simply wandered on,
    past the others, toward the fence,
    dazed, to helplessly watch him pass-
    the brute,
    heavy with wool and haggis,
    standing fixed on a narrow path, from which he would not budge,
    would not be bullied or begged away.

    No, he will make his stocky way whichever way he please,
    will clobber any passing biped, who so easily sees him coming,
    hurtling toward her
    like a ridiculous stuffed toy.
    And she may laugh, but she cannot run,
    for fear
    of scattering panic over a quiet
    close-trimmed field.

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Shattered -alissa lease

    I cry aloud in the midst of my fears
    Tears filling my eyes as the moon disppears

    Bits of broken pieces are all that remain
    Fragments of glass, shattered by pain

    My heart wrenched out at others amusement
    My soul burns with memories of constant torment

    Left empty and bruised, our loyalty forsaken
    Respect spit upon and drown in aspiration

    Ignorant Fool! To percieve myself his noble prize
    Tainted dreams when purged by fire, reveal decietful lies

    Smeared in shameful ashes, with a stunned and vacant stare
    Belittled a whore, my honor stripped naked and bare

    Rumors dance about while whispers tempt and tease
    Oh bittersweet revenge, as both mind and body concede

    I curl up cold and desperate, heartache consuming me
    Clutching the shards I thrust them deep and bleed my spirit free