Friday, October 13, 2006


I used to live in the "Show Me State" so don't try to pull one over on me. You will have to do your research!


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    You must be misstaken
    For here is undertaken
    To drink deeper than is tasted
    If I cannot see,
    Then you must
    SHOW me.
    And if no one else can see,
    Then again,
    you must
    Show ME.
    Land of Misst'ry,
    Harbor from every
    Urban-bred Missery.
    Deep-breathing teller
    Of heart-swelling story.
    Heart of the nation...


  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    our geography:

    there's all this angry, ugly pure stuff in you.
    but you give me the party line.

    there's all this rich fatty oil in you
    but you give me diet rite.

    there's all this sweet irreverent hate in you
    but you give me the politest
    cold shoulder.

    there's all this diamond rage in me
    but i give you the false respect
    of a king i didn't elect.

    there's all this lawless beauty in me,
    but i give you the false loyalty
    of a domesticated slave.

    there's all this gentle awe in me,
    but i give you my fear poison
    in an organic apple.

    there's all this innocent romantic in me,
    but i'm alone at the arcade.

    all this is juvenila
    the juvenila of two people
    who just started making love

  3. Anonymous7:22 AM

    "The pelagic argosy sights land." --- Gene Wolfe

    A thalassophobe takes his
    first bath in years,
    and the vision of water draining
    would be too much like the sight of
    Leviathan spinning his ship straight to hell
    The ex-merchant marine
    takes a bath with no water,
    Rubber duck sitting on the dry white porcelain