Friday, October 13, 2006


NOTE: Hawaii does have a State Writer. So you will have to share your Glory and Prestige with them, I think.

But don't let that stop you from applying.


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    When gray fades into gray
    And black and white appear
    There’s clarity from chaos
    From things you used to fear
    These things that used to own you
    Have finally set you free
    But the chains still drag behind you
    No matter how you try and flee
    You’re straining to move forward
    But your past it weighs you down
    As you walk it clanks and rattles
    ‘Though you’ve finally made new ground
    These chains they slow your walk
    And you cannot climb the hill
    So you stay here in the valley
    And know not what calls you still

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    The Dream Dried Up When I Touched it:

    It started with a girl wandering, locked out
    a pale ghost carrying milk on a wooden yoke
    in frigid winter
    lost, with no language,
    hallucinating Hiroshima, dogshit, and escape,
    on mushrooms, in a see-through nightie
    wearing fear, going by bus,
    following a loose marble
    into the highway reststop
    with the wax sculptures, fast food fungi,
    the torture maps, charts and diagrams,
    lost in the horror film
    lost in the frantic search
    leading to the haunted house
    leading to the increasingly enclosed space
    and finding her mother inside the dull mirror
    of the broken mammogram machine
    costing a quarter.

    The girl and the mother are strangers.
    That's all I remember.

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Leonardo invents the wheellock pistol, then works on the
    Mona Lisa for ten years. Art is never the same

    An estranged Greek wanders into Marienburg screaming,
    asking for "Die grun kinder?" Philosophy is never the same.

    Taking a cue from his father Dracul and his mentor John
    Hunyadi, Vlad Tepes invents the freeform abattoir.
    Politics is never the same.

    James Watt, after 20 labors, unveils his steamshovel pilecrapdriver. Industry is never the same.

    Oppenheimer cowers and pisses his pants, quoting
    the Bagavad Gita in the light of the first worldwide tanning
    booth. War is never the same.

    Dark Saturn pries himself fullborn from the everyman brow
    of a poet's Zeus. Life is never the same.