Thursday, October 06, 2011

Night of the Living Dead Christian, ILLUSTRATED!

My acquisitions editor, Sarah Atkinson, made a big deal about the fact that she didn't get a signed copy of Imaginary Jesus right away when it came out. She complained SO MUCH and SO PUBLICLY that I had to do something with the new book to make her feel that she had received something special. I made her a version of NLDC that, in addition to being signed, was also heavily illustrated by yours truly. I'm not the best artist, but it does make for a unique edition of the book. Here are some of my favorite illustrations.

Werewolves are probably the
best monsters for cuddling.

Narrator and one of the main characters,
Chief Officer of the Neighborhood Watch,
Some of the characters from the book.
The werewolf I was drawing in the lower right
hand corner inexplicably became a cat.
Worst thing about being a werewolf:
getting the hair off your suits.

In my opinion, even children should be
taught how to kill monsters.

This one is titled "Hands Are Hard To Draw."
I like it when study Bibles have more content
in the footnotes than in the Bible itself.
Everything is derivative of Star Wars.

A picture of me with my cousin.


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I have to say, those pictures are pretty good!! Now where's my illustrated copy? :-P

  2. "hands are hard to draw." hahaha. so good. bravo. :)

  3. Ok. Those baby monsters are adorable. That might not have been what you were going for, but I think there should be a line of NLDC baby plush toys.