Monday, October 31, 2011

Links for Living Dead Christians

Hey friends...

Bullet the vampire dog!
I'm guessing quite a few of you are coming over after the radio interview with Chris Fabry. He's a great guy and we had a lot of fun in our time together on the air!  And, aside from my two-year-old bursting into the recording studio/my room I thought it went well. I thought I'd give you a few more links if you were interested.

Here's Chris Fabry's site, which includes a pdf download of the "Monster Guide" which you can use for self-diagnosis. Are you a monster? (Yes, I think so.)

Here's the post on Her.menuetics that Chris mentioned.

He's so fast he can scarcely be caught on film. Like a Bullet!
Here's a a recent (long!) interview I did on a theology blog called Near Emmaus (Part One, Part Two).

Download a short, recent interview on Teen Talk.

And, of course, if you haven't seen it already, here's my website, my twitter, the Night of the Living Dead Christian facebook group, and if you look in the sidebar you'll see places to buy my books or sign up for my infrequent but satisfying newsletter.

And, if you just can't get enough about zombies for some reason, check out this long post about what zombies mean at Just Above Sunset, in which I am briefly quoted.

Vampire Dog provided courtesy of Sarah Atkinson, Acquisitions Editor. 
You should follow her on Twitter.

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