Monday, October 17, 2011

Library Journal weighs in on Night of the Living Dead Christian

From Library Journal:
In the allegorical sequel to Imaginary Jesus, Mikalatos, the author and main character, discovers the monsters lurking within his neighborhood as he meets his neighbors and questions what makes a monster and what makes a Christian. From a late-night encounter with a mad scientist and his robotic henchman to a zombie stampede to meeting a werewolf, Matt’s self-contained world explodes as he tries to reconcile his theology with new knowledge. When the werewolf, Luther Martin, asks for Matt’s help in becoming Christian and shedding the monster within, Matt embarks on a quest to help his new friend regain his humanity before a rabid werewolf hunter destroys Luther. Their quest takes them to a church where the zombie followers have experienced a partial resurrection, caught up in the trappings of religion, with no free will. Then they visit another neighbor, a former vampire, who gives them hope the monster can be defeated but also warns that people don’t always recognize the monsters within.VERDICT C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters meets the current obsession with para­normal creatures in this thought-provoking quest for individual belief and truth within the framework of society as a whole. 


  1. I think if I had one person, ever, seriously compare me creatively with C.S. Lewis, I'd be set for life. You are a very blessed man.

  2. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my review of Night of the Living Dead Christian. My son, who doesn't like to read, is reading and loving Imaginary Jesus. He will read Night of the... next!