Friday, October 28, 2011

LINKS! The sausage of the internet 10/28/11

Ah, you love those tasty, prepackaged links, made up of things from all over the internet. These should keep you busy during this beautiful weekend.

First, be sure to check out the new cover to John Scalzi's forthcoming book as discussed by his art director, and then the author's thoughts here.

Then, you would probably like to know all about albino cyclops sharks. Well, shark, singular. But come on, if there was one out there, you know there's an evil super villain somwhere with vats and vats of the things. Special thanks to Ken Cheung for pointing that one out.

Hey, why not another review of Night of the Living Dead Christian.

Ever wondered what an expert in Greek would say about all those sermons that talk about "Go and make disciples"? Is it a command? Are we commanded to "go" or "make disciples" or both? Well, stop wondering and click on this link.

And, lastly, for all of you out there who are following your dream and wondering, "When will I break through to the big time?" I include this moving video about some aspiring actors who wanted to make it in Hollywood, and tried out for a part in The Empire Strikes Back. I think you'll recognize most of them.

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