Friday, April 02, 2010

Imaginary Jesus Contest REVEALED!!

At last I can reveal the amazing "My Imaginary Jesus" contest!

You could win a Kindle, an iPod, signed copies of the book or... lunch with me in Portland!  I know some of you who read this blog are thinking, "I have lunch with you all the time here in Portland... and it's AMAZING!"  That's true.  But just imagine someone from some backwoods place like New York City getting flown out here by Tyndale to have lunch with me.  And imagine this... I will convince my wife to come to lunch with us, too!  AMAZING!  I know.  It really is.

All you have to do is write, draw, paint or record your own story about an imaginary Jesus from your own life and send it in to Tyndale and then WIN!

And to get you used to how awesome it is to WIN THINGS here is the first chapter of Imaginary Jesus FOR FREE!


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    DUDE! This really IS exciting! When is the deadline?

  2. Submissions have to be in by July 1st....

  3. Hmm... I'm not much of an artist or writer, but an imaginary Jesus came to mind while I was reading your book today. (Finished it this afternoon! Loved it! Thank you again!)

    Groom Jesus: He's tight with Testosterone Jesus because Groom Jesus frequents women's retreats. He's the one women follow when they decide to break up with their boyfriends and marry Jesus.

    He says things like, "I'm enthralled by your beauty" (Psalm 45:11), and "In that day, you will call me my husband'; you will no loner call me 'my master'" (Hosea 2:16), and "You're a perfect princess," and "I'll give you a boyfriend when you stop searching for one and seek Me first."

    While we ARE daughters of the King, Groom Jesus fails to address the fact that Hosea was talking to a WHORE, and we have EARNED separation from God.

    P.S. I was half-expecting George Barna to reveal at the Red and Black, and... HE was the real Jesus!!! For a dramatic, blasphemous plot-twist.

    P.S. again: If you haven't been to a women's retreat... you probably haven't encountered much of Groom Jesus...

  4. Oh, yay! My friend, Lori, just picked this book for our summer book club, and now it looks like I will have time (despite toddlers + homeschooling) both to read it and try the contest! We moved to the east coast from the Seattle area about 5 years ago, and I miss places like Portland... Not that I'll win, but trying will be fun. Thanks, Matt & Tyndale!

  5. MaryEllen -- GREAT news about your summer book club! How fun! And the Emerald City makes a guest appearance in the book, though not a very flattering one (although I love Seattle and lived there for two years!). You should definitely try out for the contest, it will be fun.

    And Sam, I know I sent you a note but I think Groom Jesus is inspired and I hope you send him in.