Monday, February 22, 2010

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! A leader's thoughts on leadership

Every once in a great while someone writes me and says, "Mikalatos, we know you have deep thoughts to share, but your blog is mostly you goofing around, as if this is your hobby or something.  Why don't you share something serious?  And none of these long posts about comparing the book of Genesis to the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Do you think we want a humanities lecture?  We do not! P.S. We don't even read your dumb Gilgamesh commentaries."

An excellent point.  And since I am going to be at Campus Crusade's National Leadership Conference this week and want you to be able to have deep thoughts about leadership from someone who knows what he's talking about (NOTE: I am referring to myself), I will republish here some Leadership Tips which I originally published here some time ago.  Observe:

ONE) It is hard to be a leader because everyone is always looking at you, and there is so little time to get your hair cut.

TWO) A leader should never say, "I am sorry you are so stupid." I know what you are asking yourself right now. And the answer is: No, not even if they are very, very stupid.

THREE) A leader must be flexible. For instance, if you are camping and realize you have forgotten your sleeping bag, a suitable replacement can be made by putting a few ducks or geese into a large garbage bag. So warm!

FOUR) It is not a good thing if your followers start to call you a Nazi, unless you are the leader of a gang of skinheads.

This is the sort of blog-worthy gold that makes blogs get thousands of hits, as people are looking to get some leadership tips.  I think I will give more leadership tips throughout the days to come in honor of the National Leadership Conference.  In the meantime, please feel free to share in the comments about how these four tips have impacted your leadership style.  "True stories" are encouraged.


  1. I was reading your four tips and pondering them. I fell into a deep trance and after my mind mulled them over for a bit, it all became very clear to me! I immediately typed your last name into Google BACKWARDS! Ah yes.... there it is. The answer I was looking for. I feel much better now.

  2. Whoa. I never thought of googling my name backwards. That was amazing. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. sotalakim ... yeah, I just did that.

  4. I forgot to post my disclaimer: I am not responsible for any deep thoughts that happen due to any research via Google that you choose to do. By going to Google, you agree not to sue me. Thanks for your support.

  5. I just did that with my name and Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventures came up. Though not nearly as cool as the Excellent Adventure, still pretty sweet.