Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three things I've learned while watching late night television with my infant daughter

1) Montel Williams is a really big fan of blankets with sleeves.   Every time I flipped around to him, there he was, talking about how great a blanket with sleeves could be for me.  I shifted underneath my precarious blanket wrap, baby in one arm and remote in the opposing hand and decided that I would not buy one of those around the time that the husband and wife said that they bought two to wear in bed so that they would never steal each other's covers.

2) Oscar Wilde spent two years in prison for "gross indecency." I had no idea.  But some movie from the 1960s knew all about it.

3) Apparently young singles in my area like to call "chat lines" while wearing skimpy clothing, lying around in their living room with candles, or while lounging in a hot tub.  Kids these days... go figure. 


  1. But the "Snuggy" comes in 3 fashion colors! You would look great in the zebra print!

    ...Nope, I can't do it. I think they are silly. I was exposed to way too many silly commercials during my recovery! It is a good thing that their slick words and persuasion did not work on me!

    By the way, does anyone want to buy a used "Slap Chop"?

  2. Snuggy. The name makes me laugh.