Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby M comes to stay

Our new baby was scheduled for August 7th, a planned C-section. We thought we had time to prepare. Yesterday we were talking about how we weren't quite ready -- and then Krista's water broke. A scene of film-worthy mayhem insued as I threw whatever I could lay hands

on into the van, half thinking we would get to the hospital and they would say it was some sort of mistake. But, no, within two hours I was giving our little one a bath:

She was born at 11:42 last night, and weighed eight pounds and just over an ounce. She's 19.75 inches long and she's gorgeous.

I got to wear this space suit for the momentous occasion. The doctor used to be a veterinarian and he performed a ridiculously fast surgery. I asked why he tied a cord onto the bar near Krista's head and one of the nurses told me it was because he was used to doing c-sections without any help.

Krista is doing great... much better than I've seen her do in previous deliveries. The staff here have been excellent. Krista hasn't gotten much sleep yet, but hopefully that's coming soon.

We let A come over in the middle of the night last night, and she was thrilled to meet her little sister. Z is at summer camp, so we called her this morning to share the joyous news. SHe was disappointed to miss the birth but said it was amazing to know she had a new little sister.

I'm so thankful to have a healthy new daughter, and that Krista is doing well also. We see Baby M as our miracle child... after two miscarriages our pastor preached on healing, and another one of the pastors prayed for us to be able to have another child... and here she is! Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and your friendship.

We'll be in the hospital at least through Friday... we'll keep you updated!