Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Mystery

On a whim I decided a few moments ago to randomly type in a web address and see where it took me. I started with "" I didn't know what I would find. I thought, it could be something wonderful. Maybe someone made a sort of playground on the internet and named it "Boring" so only the odd occasional wanderer like myself would come and visit.

But that's not what happened:

That's the home of Boring Business Systems. So, since that's probably someone's last name I won't make fun of it. Because, as my boss Keith says, "People with names like ours should not make fun of the names of others." Excellent advice, Mr. Bubalo.

Buuuuut, excited by the possibilities of typing in something strange and finding a wonderful new something, I decided to try again. So I went to and I discovered something mysterious.

There was a note.

And it said:

What are you doing?

There's noting to see here.

Your connection has been logged.

Notice the grey, almost faded font. Also notice the word "nothing" has been misspelled... as if to say that there actually IS something to see here. And then the threat that my connection has been logged.

I think that there is more to explore here. I've never been great at these internet games. I did click around on the page trying to see if there was a hidden link but I couldn't find one. Somebody smart go figure it out and then give me all the credit. GET TO WORK, MINIONS!

Also, please make up some domain names, try them out and let me know if you come across any interesting ones in your internet spelunking.