Thursday, May 07, 2009

Merry Christmas! Yay! More Books!

We got a package from Amazon yesterday with Krista's name on it. We shook it around for a while and couldn't remember ordering any books. Then KAPOW we remembered that Krista had ordered me a book for Christmas... a book that hadn't been published yet.

But -- it's a book I've been eagerly waiting for by Glen David Gold, the author of Carter Beats the Devil, one of my absolute favorite books of the last few years. I think I've bought three or four copies of it. Anyway, Gold's new book, Sunnyside, just came out and since Krista had ordered it for me it just arrived!

I am really excited to read this book. Excited enough that I think I'm going to save it... I have a couple of busy weeks coming up and then a quick vacation with the family. I think this will be my vacation book! Yeeha!

And, as an added bonus, because Amazon sends things in groups to save on shipping, I also got a new John MacDonald book, Bright Orange for the Shroud. The MacDonald Travis McGee books are always a solid treat.

So, the moral of this story is that books are good. We need more books.


  1. I am compelled to ask, what's the ratio between the number of promising inbound books and the number of these books that actually get consumed within a calendar year? I suspect you keep your ratio pretty low...

  2. Oooh, new book suggestion. I just put Carter... on hold at the library. Thanks.

  3. I wanna know where my gluten is. Since when is BHR gluten free? Where's my gluten?

  4. Ummm...I'm jealous of this post. Instead of visiting with you this weekend, I'll just borrow this book, sit in your living room and read.