Sunday, July 13, 2008

When your kids team up against you

We picked the kids up at the Orlando airport yesterday. Krista's Dad flew in with them, and we loaded up into the rental car and headed for our hotel. The kids were exhausted after the long day of travel, and pretty much anything could set them off into fits of crying. But they still had the strength to double team me... watch this interaction.

A (crying): I want to go to Disney World right now!

Me: We're going to Disney World for two days starting tomorrow.

A (crying): We're only going to Disney World for two days? Waaaaagh!

Me: You know, when I was a kid we only went to theme parks for one day. We would go in the morning and then we'd leave when the park was closed. We never went to Disney for two days in row.

Z: Daddy?

Me: Yes?

Z: Tomorrow is your lucky day.

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