Thursday, July 03, 2008

I think I might be addicted to calling 911

After the big thunderstorm last night, one of the neighborhood intersection lights is out. Not just out, but flashing red in three direction but also still showing a green light to the south and north. In an interesting study of human nature, this means that the people on the "green" sides of the light didn't even slow down despite the "mixed signals" of having both a green light and a flashing red light.

I debated calling 911 after watching several people nearly get creamed in the half a minute I spent at the light.

Then I decided I better do it. This is the third time in recent history that I've called 911, the first being the fist fight in our neighborhood and the second being the drug deal I saw in southern Vancouver.

I've noticed that I've become better at this each time. The first time I felt uncertain, shaky-voiced and couldn't remember the name of the street I was on. The second time I apologized and said I wasn't sure this was a good reason to call (to which the 911 operator said, as I recall, "*Sigh* What is the nature of the emergency, sir?") Today I quickly and professionally outlined the problem, gave my information and signed off.

I don't know if they need a super-hero like this, but from now on you can call me... THE INFORMER.

Or THE RAT FINK, whichever you fancy.

P.S. Thanks to the fine people at 911, who help keep us safe. Keep up the good work.

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