Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Prayer For Burgerville

When employees at a fast food place mess up, you don’t get an apology as such. But there is a lot of praying. For instance, today my cheeseburger arrived and I noticed that the cheese hadn’t melted, which I thought was strange. So I took a closer look and discovered that the employees had forgotten to put a hamburger patty on the bun. That’s right, they gave me a cheese sandwich. Here is the response of the cashier…

Cashier: OH MY GOD, I’m sorry.

He took it back to the cook.

Cashier: Someone forgot to put the burger on this cheeseburger.

Cook: Oh my God! Sorry about that.

I hope he forgave them. It seemed like an honest mistake.

1 comment:

  1. Once, long ago, I was at the Jersey Shore with family and friends in a regular (not fast food) restaurant and my friend ordered a coke.

    When it came we saw something in the bottom of the glass, it appeared to be a baby shark - I am not kidding. We showed it to our waitress who
    1. said nothing
    2. took the glass away
    3. did Not bring another replacement drink
    4. Probably charged us for the shark one.

    Compaired to that sounds like you got some first rate service today - altho I think we lucked out by missing out on the "Oh My Gods..."