Friday, December 08, 2006

hoo boy

I took an internet quiz tonight. It purported to tell me "What kind of American accent" I have. The answer to which--having grown up in California--I assumed would be "Golden, perfect Accent. You speak like a movie star. You are easily understood by all people, for your vowels are round and lovely and your consonants clear and crisp."

Instead, I got this. "You are 24% perfect as a girlfriend." I need to give him more room to "breath."

You can have all the room you want to "breath", buster. I'm a married man. And I have a perfect accent, which we all know is a rare commodity. Okay, okay. Maybe I am proving the point. I would be an awful girlfriend. With a lovely reading voice.

Special note to Larissa, if she's out there somewhere: I know I don't say "water" right. But we're talking about American accents, not British accents.


  1. I just took the same test and apparently I'm only 18% The perfect girlfriend. I was interested to see what American accent I have seeing as I'm English. Never mind.

  2. Oh, yes! I got 25%. I'm so glad that I'm a quarter of the way toward my new life goal of being 100% perfect girlfriend!

  3. Well, it turns out I have an accent that is as Philadelphian as cheesesteak, which is pretty good since I'm a born a bred Philly girl. At least I talk like where I'm from. So, I have that going for me.

    OK, I won't disturb you any more seeing you have the Hebrew final. Just the thought of it brings back bad memories from college...

  4. I am pretty excited, Matt. I just took this quiz and it says "you don't have an accent." It adds, "You have a good voice for tv and radio," which is one of my secret dream jobs - to do voice for tv or radio. If the CCC gig doesn't work out for me, maybe I have something to fall back on! If they really wanted to peg my accent, they should have explored my pronunciation of "oil" or "ice cream". Boy howdy! They weren't diagnosing Texan, I guess.

  5. I just took the test....accent free from the "Midland" which being your sis I am obviously not, and I do have that funny way of saying bag..oh well. I don't think I'm going to make it up in Dec, but I know I can come in January for sure!