Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Poll

Question: When is the last time that you refused to leave your friend's house unless they provided you with "figgy pudding"?

a) Never
b) Just last week
c) If you had my friend's figgy pudding you would understand


  1. ellefire11:00 AM

    definately A
    I'm not even sure I know what figgy pudding is...
    Is it good?

  2. I agree with ellefire, what is figgy pudding?

  3. Wait a minute...Kerri & I never did get figgy pudding or tapioca pudding for that matter last night....you kept us so late and we were so tired we forgot. Sneaky....

  4. I still haven't left the house and I won't go until I get some.

    I've included a figgy pudding recipe for your enjoyment.