Monday, December 25, 2006

Extreme Sledding... Mikalatos Style

My old nemesis Matt has taken a moment to come to the blog and mock my sledding. In reference to the picture on the left he says, "Looks like you're getting pretty intense there Matt. Trying to pull some sort of extreme sledding move?"

That just goes to show you how difficult it is to catch a good action shot. Of course Krista put the camera on "sport" which makes it look even slower. I would say I am going a good 16.09 KPH in this picture. I am not exaggerating. If anything I am negative-exaggerating.

I feel that I must now defend my Extreme Sledding... Mikalatos Style. I will do this through a clever combination of both pictures and commentary.

First, take a look at this vicious hill. My wife begged me not to try to tame it. But I said, "I am going to tame it anyway. Prepare yourself." Note the huge number of trees. To take a sledding trail like this requires either unparalleled skills or a fearlessness bordering on stupidity.

Here you see the fruits of my fearlessness. Note the brutal way that my disc lodged into the snow, sending me hurtling into those saplings. Note also the way that my glove and hat were discarded in mid-sled. I find that I have better control with one hand gloved and one "unsheathed". On the really difficult runs I'll discard one glove, my hat, both shoes, one sock and my pants. That's why some of the other sledders call me "White Lightning." I told them that I prefer "Greek Lightning." But they just laughed. I guess I am pretty funny (?).

If you fall, you have to get back up. You can see I am favoring my left foot a little bit in this picture. Turned out later I had broken my femur in five places. SLEDDING TIP: Sleds make good crutches. Just don't slip and fall, because your sled will think you want to sled some more. You can break your other leg that way! I learned that lesson the hard way.

I totally plowed into this little kid who was out on the slopes. We had a good laugh about it, though. Good thing I wasn't going any faster!


  1. You are awesome, Matt. I miss you. Our album is almost ready! Woo!!

  2. You are one clever boss-friend dude...although I am neither excited nor grateful that I now have "Grease Lightning" stuck in my head, but now with the words Greek Lightning.

  3. Well, Emily, that's my little Christmas Gift to you. :)

    As for you, Dann... I miss you, too. You are swell.

  4. Way to push the boundaries of sledding Matt. Pretty soon they're going to name a sledding trick after you, you'll be hanging out with Tony Hawk and you'll get all kinds of sponsorships deals with companies like Red Bull and X-box.

  5. I just tried to click over to your blog, Matt, and it said you were "migrating". Ha ha ha!

    Anyway, welcome to "beta".