Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Portlandia real?

When the TV show Portlandia first came out, I was surprised that people outside of Portland had never heard of it, especially my favorite sketch "Put a Bird On It."

Now it seems that wherever I travel, when people hear I'm from Portland they ask me if I've heard of the show and they always ask, "Is it true?"

Here's a part of last week's show, lampooning the high end movie theaters here in town called "Cinetopia."

Is it real?

Pretty much. Cinetopia is real (although the first one was in Vancouver, where there are now two... and there's one in Beaverton, but none in North Portland... part of the joke, I suspect, is referring to Vancouver as "North Portland").

Yes, they have full food menus, which can be delivered to you in the theater. There are about six different "artisan" toppings you can choose from for your popcorn. Waiters will come into the theater to take your order and deliver your food (hopefully not once the movie has started).

So, for all of you from somewhere else who want to know, "Is Portlandia real?"

Yeah. Pretty much.

Come visit.

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