Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My three-year-old learns about winter and decides she prefers summer

My daughter, M, has a maple tree right outside her bedroom window. I planted the tree when we first moved here, and it has grown one or two feet a year.

In the summer, all you can see out her window is leaves. The leaves are turning red now, which led to this conversation last week.

M: Daddy, my leaves are supposed to be green.

Me: They're turning red now because summer is over. It's Fall. Soon all the leaves will fall off for the winter.

M: Can you make them green again?

Me: No. But after winter, green leaves will come back.

M: I want the green leaves back.

Me: We can't get them back. You'll have to wait for the new leaves in the Spring.

M (disappointed): Oh.


  1. That is adorable. And a strong testament to how awesome you are in her mind, that you can make leaves green again!

  2. Yes, I can turn red leaves green. But I can't get her pillow in the position she wants. :)