Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Post #3: Share your favorite scary movies!

Here's the last of our three Halloween videos. Toward the end we each share three movies (okay, I share a book and two movies). We want to hear your picks, too, so here are the categories:

1. "Marinating in Laughter." Movies that aren't really very scary at all, more funny than scary.

2. "Marinating in Nervous Sweat." These are scary and definitely make you scared, but they aren't going to keep you up at night clutching a baseball bat.

3. "Marinating in Shame." These are movies that are so terrifying that grown adults sleep with the lights on, close their closer doors and smear the floors with Jell-o, even though they feel stupid for doing so.

So, what are your three picks for scary movies?

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