Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top posts for October

Some of my bloggy friends do a monthly "here were your favorite" posts post. It's a little meta, but I'm down with that.

Here are the most popular posts from October, in order of popularity:

A couple of notes: No surprise on the guest posts. We had a lot of great guest posts this last month, and they generated a good amount of interest.

Also, the "ten years" post always gets traffic from people looking for cards for their anniversary. If you click on it you'll see I defaced a bunch of pictures with lovely sentiments for our tenth anniversary. It's a popular post that gets traffic every single day. In fact, it's the single most popular post on this blog EVAH.

I'm not sure why my post denouncing Limitless as a piece of trash is so popular this month. Maybe one of the filmmakers came across it and they are constantly coming back to it, working themselves into a cycle of despair and self pity? I hope not. And if so, sorry, filmmakers. I'd be glad to preview your work next time.

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