Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday: Lion Trying To Eat a Baby, Parents Laugh and Take Photos

Here's the video:

Apparently there's a whole genre based around large cats attacking kids through glass at the zoo. Which seems so ha-ha funny until the lions get out during some post-apocalyptic future and your kids think they are invulnerable to tigers or something.

When we lived in Asia, I had Z in one of those baby backpacks and we went to the local zoo, where the lion was held back from the visitors by a chain link fence. One day the lion looked right at Z and started roaring and then got into "pounce position." I didn't stick around to take pictures. We rapidly headed over to visit the monkeys.

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  1. MyCoffeeName9:05 AM

    Yes, this is the latest YouTube craze on the internet and news outlets. And humorous to be sure. But I hope there are no copy-cats here. Because when you get past the humor of it, and really think about it... it's kind of scary and not really funny! :(