Thursday, June 30, 2011

News from Our Neighborhood: SUPER MOUSE!

Well, there's been news aplenty from our neighborhood, but the sheer volume has made it nigh impossible to keep it updated.

One small tidbit from Our Very Own Garage.

Recently, there have been tiny sounds of munchings and crunchings around our house. As well as scurryings and hurryings. Suspecting MICE to be responsible (for I am naturally suspicious of mice), I have been mentally gearing up for figuring out how to put mouse traps about the house without accidentally capturing my two year old.

Today I walked out to the garage to put a box of crackers on the shelf, when I heard one of the aforementioned scurryings. I looked over to the shelf (which comes to about my shoulder) and saw a tiny furred body propel itself from the shelf as from a diving board, leaping a full two feet out from the shelf, landing on the ground and then making a great deal of haste to scurry across the floor and under the freezer. I stood in slack-jawed amazement at this prodigious rodent feat of aerial deviltry.

What could give a mouse such a gigantic store of energy? What could cause it to fly much like a rocket, and speed across the floor like a miniature NASCAR in a fur robe?

Excellent questions that were soon answered when I investigated the pantry shelf to see what the little thief had been eating.

One thing is certain: the mouse prefers strawberry flavor.
It appears that I will need to build a mousetrap that uses a remote control car as the base, so that it can catch up to this speedy mouse. And should I use sugar wafers as the bait? I GUESS WE SHALL SOON SEE, MY FURRY LITTLE NEMESIS!

Updates are sure to follow.


  1. "munchings and crunchings . . . scurryings and hurryings" Did you just finish reading the Chronicles of Prydain or what?

  2. No, although I did read them years ago. Perhaps the mouse has been reading them.