Monday, June 13, 2011

LINKS! The Sausage of the Internet

Hello, minions! I trust you have been busily doing something important during my brief blogging vacation.

Here are some things destined to make your week more lovely and enjoyable and to make the summer sunshine pierce straight through to your wizened little winter hearts:

1) I recently spoke at Clayton Community Church, which was a lot of fun. Many people I've known since I was a kid attend there, so it was like being at home! The pastors have decided to dedicate this summer to an "Imaginary Jesus" summer sermon series. You can hear my talk as well as the ones by ACTUAL PASTORS here.

Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports2) My dear friend and literary agent Wes Yoder recently appeared on the Family Life radio program talking about his new book, Bond of Brothers. Here's the first part of the program. You can listen to the second part of the show here.

3) Meanwhile, I know that some of you have been wondering what you should do with all that spam you get. This guy had a good answer... pretend to be a comic book character and then write the spammer back.

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