Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You're going to laugh

This video is of Krista's cousin's baby boy. It's making the rounds, having been featured on CNN and Fox News and Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel live. Crazy. I watched the video and I have to admit the little guy gave me a really good laugh.

I'm still at my conference, which I'm sure will be gret fun. I've got a big stack of paper for ripping if there's a dull moment (which I'm sure there won't be).

Have a great day and remember to enjoy the little things in life, like babies and ripping up paper.


  1. pongboy :)2:39 PM

    This is the most cutest, adorable, happiest baby in the world! :D I will watch this over and over again when I'm feeling sad. Love this kid! :D

  2. They just showed this on the news here this morning :)

  3. No. Way. He's cute and famous! I remember photos of him on Krista's FB page when you all went to St. Louis.