Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Break at Panama City Beach, Florida

The theme of the conference is "Get Salty" from Matthew... we are the light of the world and salt of the earth.

Krista, the kids and I are at Big Break this week (and last week, and next week). As you've no doubt noticed, it has impacted my blogging habits.

Guess what I'm saying right now. Go on, guess.
Big Break is a week long missions trip held by Campus Crusade for Christ every year. It runs for three weeks so different schools can attend while they're on break. Here's an article about it.

I'm the Bible teacher for the week, which is a lot of fun... four evenings a week I get to lead the students in a time of studying the Bible and reflecting on the message of Christ. I've been talking with them about why we do evangelism, the "beatitudes" as gospel presentation, the centrality of God's love to understanding the good news about Jesus, and the great commission. We're having a lot of fun, too! I am glad to say that the crowd this week apparently knows all the lyrics to Spongebob Squarepants.

Students getting ready to hit the beach!
In addition to the teaching times, I'm still doing my day job, and Krista is working on school work. Plus the kids are with us (we pulled them out of school for the trip... so they're doing a half hour of homework a day, and that's about it). So it's been a busy time, but we're enjoying it.

About a THOUSAND college students are attending Big Break each week. And there are many, many more than that out on the beaches. I've never seen anything like it. Anyway, there's a little update from us!


  1. MyCoffeeName5:18 PM

    Oh, your looking more Donald Miller-ish! Hangin' with the young coolness crowd! You're on fire! Fight the good fight! :D

  2. Oh, don't worry, Don could crush me with one crook of his finger to his many fans. :)

    Thanks for the encouraging words.