Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eavesdropping with Matt (Episode Forty-Nine: This Complicated World We Live In)

Dedicated to the young woman at the Pensacola airport, and to the gentleman who worked there and helped her get to her gate on time.

Young woman: Sir, can you help me find my gate? It's 24 C.

Worker: What? There's no gate 24 at this airport. It doesn't go that high.

Young woman (raising her voice a little): It says 24 C right here on my ticket.

Worker: But that can't be...

Young woman (nearly yelling): Look at my ticket!

The worker takes her ticket and studies it closely.

Worker: 24 C is your seat assignment. You're at gate 12.

Young woman (very quiet): Oh. Thank you.

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  1. Hey, being lost and confused at an airport is a scary thing. You could get run over by an airplane or something. Or someone might frisk you again, and again. It's all very off putting.

  2. I wish you had been at the Toyota dealership in Beaverton with me yesterday. This elderly woman was speed talking with her service representative using photos to tell him all about her life. And I mean ALL about it. From the one who got away (he was only a bookkeeper and her parents thought he was beneath her) to the trip she was taking to visit a friend (she owns a $500,000 home in Vancouver BC). Oh the Eavesdropping with Matt material!!!