Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is what it means to be an adult

My kids told me the other day that they wished they were adults because adults get whatever they want. I pointed out that we didn't, as a matter of fact, get everything we want.  For instance, I said, I want some kids who aren't complaining all the time and who do as their parents say without crying.  My kids replied that they were thinking more along the lines of, "Adults get to play video games whenever they want and choose how much dessert they want to eat."  An excellent point.

My friend Dan sent along this comic about what it means to be an adult (from the excellent gentlemen at this site):


  1. The kids are imagining all the fun you have after their bedtimes. That's when adults break out the secret cookies and jump on the bed all we want.

  2. I like to tell my kids what we do after they go to bed so they have something to look forward to.

  3. Dan Mann6:03 AM

    I actually shared a cigar with my 13 year-old expecting a gag. What I got was, "I get it. It's like coffee. You enjoy the taste it leaves in your mouth once you're through." I'm in trouble.

  4. pongboy2:38 PM

    The moral to this story: Kids want to do bad habits because they don't know they're bad habits; Adults know they're bad habits but do them anyway! :D