Monday, September 27, 2010

The best Christian "Men's Book" I've ever read

I've read my share of men's books.  They've been assigned for homework, handed to me by friends, agreed upon by small groups.

I've never found them useful. I'm sure this is my problem as much as the books', which other people have found enlightening or helpful.  I couldn't help feeling that the books either reduced Jesus to the "paragon of manhood" or became a defense of John Wayne style American manliness.  I've shared my thoughts on this topic elsewhere.

Bond of Brothers is different.  This is the first men's book I've read that takes Christ, scripture and the need for a transformed life as a Christian man seriously. As I read the book I started thinking of all the people I would want to give it to, and it quickly became a list of every Christian guy I know.  I found it really helpful, insightful, convicting and full of wisdom.

I'll mention here, too, that the author is my friend as well as my literary agent.  I've been impressed with his integrity, his character, his care for others, his focus on Christ and his humility.  He's someone I am glad to learn from, and he's someone whose life I would gladly imitate in pursuit of a life like Christ's.  So I'd encourage you to buy a copy for yourself, your father, your son or any other man in your life.

I'd also like to say that it rained this morning, and I did just a little bit of work and did you catch today's game?

UPDATE: Wes called me this evening and mentioned that the Bond of Brothers website is up and running!

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  1. pongboy6:59 PM

    Matt, I totally agree with you! Many Christian churches have adopted and perpetuated this secular-societal male stereotype invented by mass media (e.g. movies and television) that are present in men's groups and retreats. This irks me! So thanks for pointing this out. It's good to know there are few men out there who get it! I look forward to reading and studying Wes Yoder. You're the man! :)