Friday, October 30, 2009

The Traditional Airport Post: On the Way to Ohio

Three things worth noting.

1) Apparently it was not a fluke last time I traveled that soldiers in uniform don't have to take their boots off. I saw another guy do it today. The screener looked at his boots, said, "Thank you for your service" and passed him through. Question: Does it make good military sense to have shoes that are so hard to take off? What if you need to take them off all of a sudden? I know what you are thinking: why would a soldier need to take their boots off? Perhaps if they run out of bullets they would like to throw them at the enemy's head. I bet you never thought of that.

2) Some guy pulled a screener aside and said, "I have prostate cancer." The screener said, "In that case you have two choices --" but then I couldn't hear the rest. I didn't know they did that kind of screening at the airport. Nice.

3) I don't know what the lady sitting next to me did, or who would care at 5:21 in the morning, but apparently when she gets home tonight she will take care of whoever is mad by taking the pictures and sending them off to someone's work e-mail. It's all her fault, apparently. And now she is having a bad day. Poor lady.

Okay, kids, time to board. I'm on my way to speak at a retreat in Ohio. I'll be back.