Friday, May 30, 2008

Human Tetris now casting for the American version

Remember those funny videos a few posts back? And the Japanese game "human tetris"?

Well, Fox is going to have an American version called "Hole in the Wall." And they need teams of three to try out. It says they are looking for Americans of all shapes and sizes.

Here's the information.

If somebody would go represent BHR I would really appreciate it.


  1. It's seriously called "Hole in the Wall?" Am I missing a deeper secret meaning in that name? Because my first instinct is to say that they must have used up all their creative energy early in the meeting. Just before they closed, they realized they needed a name and out popped that. I vote for a rename contest.

    By the way, my friend Eric Ford clued me in to your blog. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. Hey gina marie, welcome to BHR. No guarantee, I suppose that Fox will stick with "Hole in the Wall." Not sure why they wouldn't just call it Human Tetris. Probably a copyright issue.

    Aww, Eric Ford. I love that guy. Glad you're enjoying the blog.