Saturday, May 24, 2008

Behind the times... but catching up

Our good friend Ken is here visiting this week. This is great, because we love Ken and he brings many advantages with him in addition to his excellent company. One of which is that he is teaching me that there are many websites that I don't know about (but should). I thought I would pass along some of these to all of you, who probably already know about them and use them often:

1) Check out Hulu. Hulu is an online collection of free t.v. shows and movies that do things the old fashioned way: pay for themselves by having commercials. There's a pretty good collection of shows including News Radio, 30 Rock, the Office, Monk and Battlestar Galactica (old and new).

2) Pandora. Pandora is an online radio station that lets you pick favorite artists, and then it plays music from those artists and artists like them. It also lets you give feedback on which songs you like so it can tailor the site more closely to your taste. Just be sure not to open "the box" as it will release death and suffering into the world. Just kidding.

3) Jott. With Jott you can make a phone call, leave a message, and the website will send an email or text message to the people you choose. Ken points out that I will never have to type in an "Eavesdropping With Matt" episode ever again, I can just hold my phone out and record people.

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