Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Don't fret O Faithful Readers

Many of you have sent your concerns about my health. Three days without a post? Unthinkable! Did you trip over a discarded toy and break your hip? Are you inching, even now, toward the phone? Many of you called to wish me a speedy recovery.

But that was not the case, no. I was, in fact, at a staff conference for my fellow employees at Sun River. I shall share more about this tomorrow.

Also on the "to share" list:

1) Stories from my children
2) St. Francis quotes taken out of context and why it makes me mad
3) Maybe we'll chat about Iron Man
4) Maybe we'll discuss "RedBox."

Well. Now that you know I'm alive, it's off to bed.


  1. Are you into the Redbox? You mean the DVD rental machine right? $1 rentals...amazing...if only they more new releases.

  2. curiously waiting for Saint Francis quote blog...