Monday, May 21, 2012

Mixed Messages

Last week I got this flyer from my daughter's classroom which said:

There's a reason we don't put these foods next to each other.
The donuts always win.
"We are beginning our health unit where we will focus on the food pyramid, healthy eating and healthy living."

Parents were encouraged to sign up to bring in healthy snacks. My daughter was asked what she had for breakfast (a bowl of cereal) and told it wasn't a healthy breakfast (thanks a lot, teacher, that's exactly the sort of help we need at home)*.

Also last week, from the PTA, I received this flyer:


Students are encouraged to bring in 6 and 12 packs of soda and the class which brings in the most will be rewarded with an ICE CREAM PARTY.

*I will point out that Rice Chex don't have a lot of sugar in them. I told my daughter to tell her teacher that we live on Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.


  1. Very interesting...they would HATE to see what I eat for breakfast. :) Perhaps someone should suggest that the TEACHERS have something more to do with the PTA (that T does stand for TEACHER). They COULD plan a little better.

  2. A childhood without cereal is like a nose without nostrils.