Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're on our way to Thailand!

At THIS VERY MOMENT Krista and I are on our way to Bangkok, Thailand. The journey will take us to the far reaches of Canada, the beautiful city of Hong Kong and then on to Bangkok. All told, it will be about twenty hours from PDX to BKK.

As part of the Worldwide Student Network, part of our jobs is taking care of our overseas missionaries. For many of our international interns (called "STINTers" in house), we provide a once-a-year refresh/revitalize/redirect re-treat called a "Midyear." Because it falls in the middle of their internship year.

So, for the next week or so, Krista and I will be spending time with teams in four different overseas locations (three in Asia, one in the middle east), talking about their experience and helping them set up to spend the second half of their internship year well.

This year, Krista and I both will be the Bible teachers for the conference (every morning there's about a 30 minute Bible time). It's fun, we haven't been the co-teachers for a while, so it will be nice for both of us to teach together.

We may have internet access, but don't expect to hear from us too much, because we will also have mango-with-sticky-rice and tropical-ocean access.

But if you would like to imagine what time it is and what we might be up to, here is a little widget to tell you what time it is where we are:
See you soon!

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