Saturday, January 14, 2012


Krista and I are safely in Canada, and have walked through the majestic halls of customs, where two tireless employees vetted about three hundred of us. We have passed an indoor waterfall. We have gazed upon a really cool fish tank which is in the food court. We have also passed the gatekeeper of the Star Alliance Gold Lounge, and now we are feasting upon cold cereal and Krista is drinking coffee and we are using the free internet and looking down upon both the planes outside the airport and the people outside the lounge.

And I, determined to practice what I preach when I talk about "learning a new world" and "engaging in culture" have just eaten VECTOR* for breakfast. VECTOR* is a Canadian cereal (or rather a "meal replacement") designed for athletes (or something).

Here is what it is like: It's like someone took every "flake" style cereal and smashed them all together, and then sprinkled granola over the top. Then they thought, we don't want to be copying other cereals, so let's take out all the corn, so no one can say we ripped off corn flakes. Unlike some flakes, VECTOR* didn't taste like vitamins to me, possibly because it is packed full of different types of sugar and syrup and molasses. It takes some hard work to chew it, so that by the end of my small bowl I DID feel like I had chomped my way through a meal.

Okay! Only two hours before we depart on our next leg, headed to Hong Kong and then Thailand! Woo hoo!

*It is unclear why there is an asterisk.

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