Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ahhhhhhhh, Thailand!

Things are going well in Thailand. Krista did a great job teaching yesterday... she was really relaxed and funny and brought great insights to the scripture she looked at, encouraging everyone to work hard at preserving the bonds of peace on their teams.

Today has been a day off, which is pretty nice. We walked on the beach, went swimming and Krista went to get a massage. Tonight we're off to the night market, which should be fun. I'm planning to gorge on mango sticky rice. Right now some of my guys are sitting across from me eating roti, which I also like but without banana hopefully.

Tomorrow Krista and I both teach, which will be fun. She's teaching about Elisha and his interactions with a widow whose son died and she has already shared some great insights with me. I'm looking forward to hearing it. And I'll be teaching about evangelism... sharing experience, thoughts from scripture, common misconceptions and some thoughts on how to do well in this area the rest of the year.

We're missing the kids... lots of good memories with them and our parents here. And of course, we're especially missing all of you. Come to Thailand and hang out with us.

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  1. It must be an exciting experience being able to teach in Thailand. The kids there are very wonderful and friendly. Enjoy your stay there!