Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Living Dead Christian Sightings!

 This first sighting comes from Mark Sweet, who says he will have it read by Thursday. Other things we can learn from Mark... he has bought at least two copies, which I heartily endorse everyone doing. And, for some inexplicable reason he has placed the books and a box on top of his stove. BE CAREFUL, MARK! These books are flammable.

Next comes this artistic representation sent in by Rachel Ronk! I like the couch pattern (that's a couch, right, Rachel?) as well as the creeping darkness coming in from the upper right side. It's an excellent shot, thanks for sending it in. Now how about one with Harry Potter holding it? If anyone can accomplish that I know that you can!

Lastly, this photo sent in by my friend Rebecca Weidner Onkar who said:

Just bought Matt Mikalatos' new book, "Night of the Living Dead Christians," at the local Christian bookstore today. There were two on the shelf, I bought one and turned the other face forward for you Matt. I then clandestinely took a picture as proof. "Imaginary Jesus" wasn't on the shelf, but I found a copy for $2.98 on the Used table (none in the Discounted section.) Whew.

First of all, Rebecca, you have done the right thing in turning my book face forward. Bonus points for you and my eternal thanks! Secondly, this is good news, to see that some bookstores are continuing to put my book in with the Amish Romance. It makes the Amish ladies sad not to be near Imaginary Jesus or Night of the Living Dead Christian. Notice how the Amish lady in the cover of "A Bond Broken" seems to be caressing the cover of my book. NOTE: Yes, this book is completely appropriate for your Amish friends and family.

Okay, friends, keep the pictures coming.  

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  1. I DID notice that the Amish chick is lovingly grasping your book. How'd you end up in there?

    PS-The only way I can sight your book in PY is on my ipod, but I could sure send you a photo of that to show you how it's alphabetically arranged between my grocery list and the latest Ted Dekker. And the skid marks on the ipod where you made me drop it from laughing so hard....