Monday, September 26, 2011

Christmas Is Coming... no, really. It is.

Depending on what sort of holiday person you are, it's possible you're either setting out pumpkins right now or taking down Christmas lights from your house. As for me, I started whistling "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" last week and I'm going to read "A Christmas Carol" tonight.

One of our big Christmas traditions in our house, and one that is universally loved by everyone in the family, is reading the Advent Book together every day in December. It's a beautifully illustrated Christmas book done by Kathy and Jack Stockman, in which each day has a gorgeous door that opens up to a Bible verse and a painting from the Advent story.

Jack and Kathy print the books themselves, and they're having a sale until the end of this month... it's the last discounted price for the books between now and Christmas. So, if it's something you think you'll enjoy, now's your chance!

We are big, big fans of this book. It makes a great gift, and we love reading it every year. In fact, we have copies for our kids to give them when they leave home. I mentioned it a little early this year so you could get in on the sale.


  1. Early Christmas present for the wife! Good show!

  2. She'll love it. It's an amazing book.