Monday, May 23, 2011

What to write next?

While you are eagerly awaiting Night of the Living Dead Christian, I've actually completely finished with it. There are a few little things that need to be done here and there, but overall it's all cleaned up and ready to go and the tiny little elves over at Tyndale are working their magic to turn those pretty words into a giant pile of books.

In the midst of writing a book there are certainly moments where you are sick of reading it over and over, or tired of trying to get that last sentence perfect. You think about this being "the last book" because it would just be nice to get a break. When that final e-mail with the final-final-final-final last edits goes out, there's a feeling of immense relief. Of course I'll be living with the book for quite a while, but for now I can take a little break.

Now that I've rested for a couple of weeks, of course my brain is ready to write a new book. But the question is, which book to write next? I have ideas for a bunch of books, some in the genre I'm already published in (which I think we could call "The Mikalatos Genre") and some in actually-recognized-in-a-bookstore genre.

There are a lot of choices out there... I have a thriller almost completely plotted out, a crime novel, an idea for a memoir-ish thingee, a science-fictionish character series sort of like LOST, and a cook book in the hopper. Just kidding, no cook book yet. I also have a kids' book series (one of those novels is actually written, and I have the basic story idea for another six). Of course I could write another comedy theology novel (I have ideas for at least two more) and my wife would love it if I wrote this one book I've been talking to her about for YEARS AND YEARS and she keeps asking, "When are you going to write Take Me To The Riots?" (That's what it's called.)

So. Hmmm. What to do.  What to do.

My agent says if there's something new I want to try, now's the time.

For all of you out there, though, my next book is Night of the Living Dead Christian. You're going to like it. After that... well, let's just make it a surprise!


  1. What would the inside flap of "Take Me To The Riots" say? If that is allowed in the book writing world...

  2. Well. It would be allowed but I'm afraid the author is too shy to say right now.

  3. "My agent says if there's something new I want to try, now's the time" is probably the best suggestion. For you, I'm thinking... Broadway! :) Now that's different! :D

  4. your list of the completely random mish-mash of stories floating around in various stages of writing is very encouraging to me, since that is exactly the stage I am at with my writing...except you already have two books out. haha, anyway, it's nice to see that someone else is just as spastic with their writing process.