Monday, May 16, 2011

In which I teach my kid a lesson which she already knows in detail

Young Miss A had her spring ballet performance this weekend. She did a great job as a part of the performance of Cinderella. That night when I tucked her into bed I told her what a great job she did.

Me: You did a great job tonight and I know you worked hard for a long time for this one short night. That is a good thing to know, that doing hard work for a long time can pay off with something wonderful.

A: Yes. Only sometimes a long time of doing boring work pays off with something even boringer.


  1. That's awesome. My son recently asked me, "Why did God make the poisonous tree with the poisonous apples that made everyone hurt and scared? If he didn't, it sure would be heaven down here."

    I love the random stuff they say.

  2. pongboy3:26 PM

    Wow, there's some truth to that! She's a philosopher! :D