Monday, August 30, 2010

More dreams!

I had an odd dream last Friday night, and in my typically generous way I'm here to give all those armchair psychologists and interpreters something to do.

Here we go:

I was in line to get my boarding pass on an international flight, coming back to the United States. It was one of those annoying gates where once you check in you have to go down into a dedicated area for the flight and aren't allowed to walk around the airport at all. As I was waiting in line, I looked out the window and saw a giant whale down on the tarmac. The whale was easily the size of a jumbo jet, it was black and white (not a killer whale, though, it was shaped more like a blue whale), and its side was opened up and the whale had been mostly hollowed out. People, bulldozers and other vehicles were coming and and out of its side. There wasn't much gore. I kept trying to get everyone in line to look at the whale, but no one seemed that interested. I stopped an airport employee and asked him about the whale. He looked down at the whale and he said, "Oh, that thing? It's a literary allusion to some story in the Bible. I can't remember what it was called..." I asked him if it was Jonah and he said yes, that sounded familiar.

Then I woke up.


  1. kevinO11:03 AM

    Be prepared to spend 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a whale, er, Boeing 747.

  2. Just make sure Leonardo DiCaprio isn't following you around in any of your dreams trying to plant an idea in your head and you'll be fine! :)

  3. pongboy12:53 PM

    Matt, just make sure you're never on the same flight (or in the same airport) as Isabella Rossellini and David Lynch! Don't do it Matt!