Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 20 Horses By Z and G

Z and her best friend G teamed up to write me a story for Christmas. Here is it's world debut:

The 20 Horses

Once there was a girl that was very poor. She went to school with all the other girls of the neighborhood just like any other girl. One day a girl asked her how many horses she had.

In the time she lived everybody had at least one horse. And she answered, "I have twenty horses of every kind."

Now one other girl was poor. She said, "Now can't you see that she's lying?"

But all the other little girls thought that the poor girl actually had twenty horses of each kind! The other poor girl thought that the other girls might start asking her how many horses she had and she would be embarrassed to say that she only had one horse and that horse was a carriage horse and he belonged to the whole family.

The other poor girl's best friend was not poor. She was not rich, either. She was just like you or me. Every day she rode a beautiful thoroughbred horse to school. Everybody thought that the thoroughbred horse was the most beautiful horse ever. But the poor girl insisted that her Thoroughbred horse was the beautifullest thoroughbred horse ever. But everybody called her names. So one day they packed up and left.